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As we have mentioned before, IT systems, components, and networks are the lifeblood of any small or large business.  Keeping them running and making money for you is a basic no-brainer.


Keeping that money flow going requires regular maintenance and professional adjustments.  And one of the easiest and most basic things you can do is surge or power protection systems for your IT and other electronic equipment.


So what are the dangers you are looking at?  The Virginia Department of Emergency Management lists several power-related threats businesses face and a variety of nasty side effects:


  • Blackouts can knock out telephone systems and electronic banking ceases. Individual businesses lose revenue from undelivered goods, valuable time waiting for phone service, and critical files that either cannot be accessed or are lost forever


  • Sags and brownouts involve a dip in the grid’s voltage for short periods of time. Both power sags and brownouts can have detrimental effects on computers hardware and software and electrical equipment


  • A power surge occurs when voltage suddenly goes 110 percent above normal supply. When large electrical equipment is shut off, the grid momentarily supplies too much power. Surges last only a few moments but can have the same damaging effects as power sags on office equipment that isn’t protected by a surge suppressor. A power spike is an even larger increase in power in a shorter time span


  • Line noise is disruption of the voltage traveling through power lines caused by lightning, transmitters, or electrical equipment that produce Radio Frequency Interference or Electromagnetic Interference. Line noise can cause a multitude of problems from keyboard lock-ups to data crashes


Power suppression and line conditioning systems are extremely inexpensive insurance policies when it comes to staying a step ahead of these issues. Whether consulting with an IT professional or working with a local electronics retailer, the smart move is to fit your IT equipment with some form of power protection like uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems, surge or power suppressors, and power line conditioning units.


This simple bit of prevention will pay huge dividends when the inevitable occurs and keep your business up and running. To learn more about power protection systems, contact a Streamline Networks IT professional today!

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