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Backup &
Data Recovery

It's not a matter of if a disaster is going to happen. It will happen.

Hard drives fail, power surges damage workstations, and outside forces corrupt or steal your data. The number of threats to your daily operations is limited only by imagination. That's why Streamline Networks offers a robust program of backup and data recovery (BURD) services designed to protect your business and your clients.

Our certified data recovery and protection experts will work with you on BURD programs tailored to your business and client needs. Our foundational approach includes:

  • Full backups - making a full and complete copy of all business data to a physical or cloud media.

  • Incremental backups - creating a system of scheduled, automated backups focusing on copies of data changed from the last backup action.

  • Differential backups - similar to incremental, differential backups copy all changed data from a previous backup, but it also continues to copy all changed data from your full backup.

Sounds complicated, sure. But we make it simple and seamless. And whether you need a physical, cloud, or hybrid approach, we will build your BURD program that maximizes your data protection and recovery needs while staying out of the way of your daily business operations.

Don't wait for equipment failures or malefactors to strike. Contact us today to get your data secured and protected.

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