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Holiday Travel Tips

If you're preparing to travel for the holiday season, I'm sure you're already stressed out enough, but we want to make sure you're traveling safe with all your mobile and personal devices.

Whether you're traveling via car, airplane, bus, or train, it's important to travel smart. Here are a few tips we recommend:

  • Be wary of USB charger ports/charger stands at airports and other locations.

Unfortunately, criminals have discovered a way to load malware into those ports. Once you plug in, you're infected and vulnerable to having your information stolen.

A way to avoid is by simply plugging into a wall socket, or having a portable battery!

  • Don't leave your phone or personal computer unattended.

We know how it is. Everyone is traveling and trying to get to their loved ones, so naturally, everything is bustling with people. You can be seated at a restaurant/cafe and what is a quick 5 second run for a napkin from your table, can be the right amount of time for someone to steal your device or install some malware.

Best way to avoid is to lock, turn off, or carry your devices with you.

  • Be aware of any WiFi and Bluetooth connections you have.

Take a look at what networks you're connected to while you're traveling. Confirm with airports, hotels, and restaurants the WiFi name so criminals don't spoof their names waiting for you to connect. Keep Bluetooth off if you can. All it takes is one accidental connection approval for a criminal to access your information.

  • Encrypt and back up your data.

This is so important. Encrypt your data! If you'd like help on how to do that, please let us know.

Back up, back up, and back up. Make sure to always, and we mean it, always, back up your devices. Accidents happen. Thefts happen. It always helps to have your information backed up when getting a replacement (bonus points if you encrypted your data as well).

  • You don't need to bring all your devices.

Maybe think twice about bringing your kindle, iPad, and laptop. Your cybersecurity becomes harder to juggle the more devices you need to be mindful of. Paring back on the number of devices might even help the stressful holiday season be a little more relaxing.

All in all, we hope you are careful and mindful of all your devices traveling with you because we want you to have a relaxing and wonderful holiday season.

See you in the new year!!

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