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Daylight Savings Begins

Daylight Savings begins on Sunday, March 10th. Time to Spring Forward by one hour.

Usually, people are worried about how this will affect their Mondays. What if my alarm doesn't go off? What if I miss this important meeting because of the time change? What if I sleep through the alarm?

Don't fret. If your alarms are set up with a cell phone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker, you're going to be fine.

Smart technology automatically sets to the correct time on Daylight Savings. No need to change clocks on your phones. However, technology can't help you should you not hear your alarms going off.

Daylight Savings brings the hope of long summer days and sunshine. It also is a reminder to do a few things:

- Change batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, and flashlights!

- Remove expired items for your refrigerator and first aid kit

- Check your furnace and heater/AC filters

- Scan your computer for any viruses and malware

- Recycle any old computer hardware

- Repair anything that is still under warranty!

We hope you get enough sleep and welcome warm Spring!

#daylightsavings #reminders

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