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Will your processor require Microsoft Windows 10?

Are you still using windows 7 or 8 on your AMD or Intel processor? If yes, Microsoft is about to “cut the cables”. What does this mean? Microsoft is looking to leave Windows 7 and 8 behind and fully commit to the next generation processors. Optimizing and taking advantage of these new technologies will take time which Microsoft doesn’t want to invest in older operating systems. Even though a majority of personal computers are still using Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft is ready to change the game.


Should you be affected by this choice and can’t imagine switching your operating system, here’s a small sign of hope: both Intel’s and AMD’s processors (Kaby Lake and Zen) will still be based on the x86 architecture, which means that the chips should still run Windows 7 & 8 devices. If this should still work, there may be some compensating software in the form of drivers or protocol layers needed. Beware: performance is likely to suffer because of it.


Our Streamline Networks advice? To avoid problems and be up to date, it would be best to switch to Windows 10. This will save your company problems that can form in the future. If your company needs help with this transition, feel free to contact one of our trained Techs to answer all your questions.


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