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All-in-One PCs

One of the most popular gadgets to hit the tech market in the last few years has been the touch-screen tablet. A cheap, light, and easy alternative to the tower PC, the All-in-one has grown like wildfire. What happens when you want a desktop to function like a touch-screen tablet? That’s when the all-in-one (AIO) PC comes in! Some of the pros of using an AIO is that they’re great for saving space compared to their bulkier counterparts. They’re also aesthetically pleasing and perfect for those who do a lot of video conferencing. AIO PCs are perfect for doctor’s offices who can use features such as a fast processor and SSD drive to quickly process medical data.

Streamline has just finished an installation of Dell all-in-one PCs for a new client! Have any questions or want to know if an AIO PC would be right for you? Give us a call!

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