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Performance, Reliability and GREEN – Solid State Drives offer it all!

The Solid State Drive (SSD) has been in existence for a sometime, but has really come into the main stream as the hard drive of choice for desktops, laptops. Initially, high costs and smaller storage size limited its adoption to high end systems. But with significant drop in price and larger storage options it is ready for prime time. Here’s what SSD brings to the table:

1. They’re faster – Since SSDs don’t need to spin in order to access data, they’re much faster than the older Hard Disk Drives (HDD). HDDs read time takes several seconds, while SSD is nearly instant. File/Copy write speeds range from 200-550 megabytes per second compared to 50-120 megabytes per second for HDDs. Much faster indeed!

2. They are more reliable – SSDs have a greater Meantime Between Failures (MTBF) compared to HDDs as there are moving parts. No spinning disk or controller arm SSDs can also weather greater temperature change and some physical abuse better, say if you dropped your laptop. But we don’t recommend you test this.

3. They’re green – SSDs have a much lower power draw and produce almost no heat. So much so that a laptop with an SSD can squeeze out almost 30 minutes more time on battery with a SSD over a HHD. Pretty impressive!

Solid State Drives are a must have for laptops and even desktop computers for all the advantages they offer. Have any questions about why you should switch to SDD, give us a call!

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